Badami Halu (Badam Milk) Courtesy: K. Raghunandana

A simple, refreshing drink, synonymous with Karnataka is Badam Milk. It simply denotes a
good drink at any time of the day/night, whether hot or cold.
Take 2 Badami (almonds), soak them in water.
Take 1 elakki (elachi, cardamom) crush the seeds well.
Take 2 strands of Kesari (saffron, Zaffran), powder it along with the elakki.
After the Badami has soaked for at least 10-15 minutes, slowly peel off the brown outer skin. Crush the white seeds well. Take a glass (or a mug) of milk, heat it to near boiling point (but not actually boiling). Put the crushed Badami (almond), elakki (elachi, cardamom), and Kesari (saffron, Zaffran) into the hot milk. Add 1 tea spoon of sugar, stir well.

Your favourite drink is ready. If you prefer it cold, chill it and then drink. In some stores, powdered almond or peeled almond is available. This will make the job easier. Also powdered elakki (elachi, cardamom) is available. This makes it easier to prepare Badam milk. It is often served in marriages and other functions, with sweet dishes such as Chiroti, Pheni etc.

There are some extremely good medicinal properties attributed to this drink. Taken before bedtime, it provides very peaceful, nice sleep. It also helps to heal boils in the mouth or throat area. For those who have acidity or ulcers in the stomach, if taken regularly it helps to provide the healing touch. It is also very helpful in reducing dry cough. In pregnant women, the saffron has good effect in preventing and checking the spread of infection. The list is long, and is simply positive. It is hardly surprising that the drink has become so
popular that every other corner store in Bangalore sells it.


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